Wednesday, January 16, 2008

JBF-Tulsa Loves it's Volunteers!

Volunteers are doing a great job using our new automated Volunteer Scheduler! It is so easy anyone can set up their own schedule. Check for yourself at, find a sale and use the online sign up. Our volunteers are the backbone of our event! There are no harder workers than moms and we are very lucky to get to work beside 400 of them in the Tulsa community!


Friday, January 4, 2008

Get Ready for the Spring '08 Sale!!!

WOW....with the coming of the new year, I have started thinking about cleaning out those closets for the next sale (among other resolutions). I am guessing that you are having those same thoughts as well. We got back into town from Christmas break and my daughter (11 years old) told me that she didn't have any room in her closet for anything else-poor child. She (without my prompting) started cleaning her closet out. She filled up a rack with things that she doesn't think that she will wear anymore or things that don't fit any longer. We transferred them to the JBF closet where we keep things that are going in the sale. Now...time to find some hangers and login to and start getting everything tagged. FUN FUN FUN!

Hey...if you are just finding out about JBF and are still trying to decide whether or not to consign...or if you are a seasoned consignor, we have a video for you to watch. Some of you may remember that we filmed on the consignor shop day at the Fall sale. We have created a video that is now on YouTube. You can find it by putting in the search field or just click on this link. You can forward this link to your friends to let them know what JBF is all about. A special thanks to those of you who were brave enough to go on camera. You are now You Tube my mind anyways!

Why We Love JBF: You Tube Video:

Consignor, Volunteer and First Time mom sign-ups have begun. If you plan to participate as a consignor in the JBF Tulsa event, go ahead and get signed up by visiting our website. Sign-ups started Yesterday and we already have 415 consignors signed up.