Friday, February 29, 2008

These Boots...

...were made for SHOPPING!
Consigners and volunteers carefully arranged and organized all of the final merchandise brought in today before the big presale event tomorrow!
The clothes racks are, as always, filled and ready for shoppers! What else might you find?

Toys, toys and more toys!



A chair fit only for the most trendy Princess:

And so many other things just needing a good home!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Countdown Begins!

Wow - less than 36 hours until volunteers get to shop the JBF Spring Sale! How exciting (this blogger can hardly wait)! The racks are already filling up with great bargains - including some that are unique to the spring/summer sale only! Check out the water toys:

According to Daven, this is the most rockers they've had at the sale in quite a while!

A consignor adding to the goodies:

Friday, February 22, 2008

Super Consigners!

Are you a super consignor? If you are a consignor who has over 300 items of clothing marked for this spring sale, you are! Be our guest to come and drop off your items with the greatest of ease on Wednesday, Feb 27th from 3p-8p. Please email to let her know when we can expect you. We have pleanty of inspectors and you can get your things on the floor in record time! Beat the crowd and drop off at your special by appointment drop off time! You're something special to us and we just wanted you to know it!

Wanted: Volunteers!

Tulsa Ladies, come on out and VOLUNTEER at the Just Between Friends Children's Sales event! This is a wonderful opportunity to help family be able to come and purchase items for their children at a fraction of the cost. Volunteering is EASY! We need help keeping the clothing on the correct racks and all the pieces of toys together and items in the correct place and then the greatest need is for volunteers to help customers get their tags removed and bagged and on their way to our cash registers. The time passes very quickly and the moms are very friendly!

Just go to and find the Tulsa sale, we have online sign up button and you will just follow the instructions. Give it a try.......I bet you'll like it, and you just might find something for your kids there too! (Bring a friend or two)

I am very proud of all the consignors who have been very willing to come and help at the sale! We have a record number signed up. We love our volunteers and would like to include everyone who is available to help.

Thank you all very much, Daven