Saturday, March 3, 2012

1:00 Sunday...BE THERE!

The time has come. At 1:00 tomorrow, Sunday, March 3rd, JBF Tulsa will be open to the public. Just look at all of that merchandise! Surely there is something in it for you.
Wednesday night through Friday morning, tons and tons of items were inspected. Items with stains or holes were not accepted. You will see only high quality merchandise at this sale!
Just look at this one of MANY aisles of clothing...plan on staying a while so you can look through all of it!
This heard of animals will be there to greet you.

Spring soccer season just started...need cleats? Check here! Oh, and how about a referee shirt? I just know there is a Dad out there who needs that!

These jeeps and cars are ready to test some new neighborhoods!

We've been having some great picnic weather about a picnic table just for the kiddos!
After all of that shopping, you'll probably be worn out, just like Princess Belle!

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