Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day One! In the Books!

Wow, where to start! What a great sale so far! Consignors, be sure to check your sales on my jbf tags, Friday and Saturday's sales are already posted and I'm sure Sunday is not far behind!

After 5 years of doing the blog, you would think we would have seen it all. We go, looking for the unique, original finds at JBF, and I'm always amazed at what we come up with! As usual, this year's Spring sale doesn't disappoint...

I'm an OSU fan, so I certainly was thrilled to see Pete make an appearance as a stick pony! Complete with the school song! LOVE!

Cleats for every sport under the sun - there is NO reason to pay full price for new cleats! Get them at JBF!

Elmo for everyone?

There are several little Star Wars fans at my house that would LOVE these treasures!

Amazing amounts of cuter-than-cute dress-up. Where was all of this when I was little? :)

For Monday: Remember, NEW merchandise will be out (consignors dropped off more fabulous items this evening)! Hours M-F will be 9:00am to 7:00pm, admission is free! Even if you went this weekend, it's worth another trip to be first to grab all the new stuff!

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