Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ready for More?

Lots to report on today! First off, I couldn't believe the stuff still available at the sale! Both bottom and top racks still have PLENTY of clothes to look through (although they are thinned out a bit, so sorting through it is a bit easier), tons of shoes in ALL sizes, books, toys, and tables and tables of crib bedding!

Um, Pottery Barn crib bedding still available? Really!?! SO cute!

This little guy is pretty darn cute - and he coordinates with your Nintendo DS? My son would love this (who may or may not be currently obsessed with a DS of his own)... And, new in the box!

But this was probably the coolest thing I saw today... The FUN BUS! And it was filled with kiddos have a great time at JBF! See, there really is something for everyone! :)

***And don't forget! The items not marked with a STAR are 25% off starting tomorrow!***

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